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Things Men Actually Find Attractive in Women

It is true that men fantasise about dating women with a curvaceous figure and an alluring personality. But girls, it is something more that you do, including your silly habits, which end up making you his sweetheart and not just a fantasy. When we tell you what these things are, you will certainly be surprised. Yes, there are many things that you might be doing so casually as to notice it yourself, but when a man sees you doing so he can’t help but instantly fall for you. Here are 10 such surprising things that draw him closer to you.

Women who play Counter Strike

Oh! Yes, this is something he truly digs, especially when you are playing with him. It is like “Love at first shot!” for him. So, if you are not into gaming already, then time to pick that gun we say, to get his attention.

Serenading while strumming a guitar falls into the man’s domain, but ladies, your man will also love it you who is holding the guitar. He would simply love it if you croon and strum a few notes to impress him.

When you make the first move

Be it approaching him, or complementing him, making a flirty remark or simply just wishing him, he loves it when it is you who is making the first move. It makes him feel wanted and special just like a girl feels when she is asked out.

Drinking pints

Yes ladies, you might be avoiding being the ‘pint-guzzling’ sorts when around him, but little do you realise he finds it attractive. He loves it when you are yourself around him, just as you are with your friends. This helps him to relate with you better. A bond is formed on a deeper level surpassing the visual and the superficial boundaries.

A few foul words

A few ‘f’ bombs and you will have his attention. Unlike women who hate filthy mouth men, men love it in their girls. He thinks of you as his friend and feels comfortable around you. But we just mean a few ‘f’ words, so don’t go overboard between being casual to just plain filthy.

Not being hooked to social media

Now, here is a catch! We know you can’t imagine not being on connected to the social media at all, and well what’s the harm, anyways? But again, a man prefers face to face attraction, free from social media distraction and gossips when he is with you. Men love it when their women pay attention to them, rather than updating, checking in or chatting on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Attractive teeth

A girl’s smile can win a million hearts. And, when you smile, the first feature of yours that is noticed is your teeth. It is a priceless accessory and something that captures his attention. So, go for the occasional bleaching, brush twice a day and floss every alternate days to keep your teeth sparkling white and healthy.

Smudged makeup

Are you worried you will be labelled careless and casual because of your makeup mistake? Well, the impression might just be the opposite when your special one sees you. Yes, men prefer to see you as your natural self, with no makeup. But, occasionally it is the smudged makeup look that would get his heart racing in your direction. It makes you more of a simple girl than a supermodel and, much to your surprise men appreciate it.

Not being in a hurry to dress up

After your special night with him, instead of being in a hurry to get up and grab your clothes, you should just sit and talk with him he truly finds that attractive. Yes ladies, a man doesn’t really like it when after spending those passionate moments between the sheets, all you can think of is getting back into your clothes. Now, it is certainly a turn off. So, just cuddle, talk and forget about getting back under those “layers”.

Not trying to be sexy

Looking sexy and seductive is fine for some special occasions and moments, but not always. It might just seem to him as being ‘fake’. At times when you are just roaming around barefoot in a baggy tee or a sweatshirt can be the one which can make him fall in love with you…head over heels!

So, ditch those heels, that little red dress (or black), and that makeup kit once in a while and just be your casual self when he is around. This is enough to get his undivided love and attention.