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Eye makeups for Diffrent shape of eyes

Eye makeup for close set eyes

The makeup for this eye type should make the eyes look far from each other. Therefore, use the light shades in the inner corner and dark ones in the outer corner of the eye.


  • Use eyeliner to correct the inner corners. Draw a thin line along the upper eyelash and make it thicker as you approach the corner of the eye.
  • This will create an illusion of width. Now, apply a very thin layer of light colored eye shadow from the corner of your eye towards the middle of your eye lid.
  • Next step is to apply a darker shade of eye shadow starting from the middle of the eye towards the outer  corner.
  • Blend the colours in the middle and use mascara on the lashes of the outer corner.

Eye makeup for almond-shaped eyes

For almond-shaped eyes, Smokey effect is the best choice. The primary aim is to add depth to the eyes. Use of dark shades suits the eye shape really well.


  • Start applying neutral eye shadow on the eye lid from lash towards the eyebrow.
  • Apply a darker shade of the same colour on the outer corner of the eye lid.
  • Right under the brow, blend a lighter eye shade to highlight.
  • To make the eye look bigger, use an eye liner on the upper lid.
  • Focussing on the outer corners, apply mascara on upper eyelashes. This will prepare you for a chic cat-eye look!

Eye makeup for small eyes

The eye makeup meant for small eyes aims at making them look bigger and sharper. This is so because they are proportionally smaller to rest of the facial features.


  • The key is to apply lighter colour of eye shadow on the eyelids and a medium-toned eye shadow along the creases.
  • To create an illusion that the eyes look bigger, apply a highlighting shade right under the brow.
  • Use a subtle shade of eyeliner to line the upper and lower lids.
  • The last step is to evenly apply mascara on the upper lashes.

Eye makeup for down-turned eyes

To make down-turned eyes look bigger and better, the use of eye shadow should be heavier towards the outer corner of the eye lids.


  • Begin by applying eyeliner close to the upper lash line and then blend the eye shadow along the socket line.
  • Apply a dense mascara to give an illusion of a lifted eye.

Eye makeup for protruding eyes

It is best not to apply heavy eye makeup on protruding eyes as they already have a ‘popped out’ look.


  • Use medium to dark matte eyeshadow to form a softerline on your lower eye lid.
  • Diffuse the bulge of your eye by giving your eye a smudged look. But, make sure that you never apply an eyeshadow right above your crease. This can give an illusion of depth to your eyes.
  • Use a mascara to make your eye look softer.

So, now you know the right kind of makeup technique for your eye type. Make the most of it and flaunt it at every party with grace. But, do not expect to get it perfect on the very first try. So, it is good to go for a regular practice before you make an awestruck appearance.

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