July 2013

With the era of woman power at a shot, we bring to you the first woman from Meghalaya to conquer Mount Everest. It gives me an enormous happiness to see woman making a mark in everything they do.

A healthy mind is the pathway to a healthy body, our Fengshui queen brings to you visualizations for Health, Wealth & Happiness.

As you welcome the warm weather, summer glamour is a tricky job. Article on Say yes to beautiful will surely bring back the charming smile on every woman’s face. We also bring you summer fashion, from cooling color palette to burst of brightness.   This is also the time to revamp your wardrobes .Think cool, think minimal, think Linen.

We also bring to you a very inspiring story on Christine Ha, the woman who overcame life’s curveball to win Masterchef.

Due to the influence of westernization majority of women has elapsed their traditions and culture, we bring to you the feature on dying breed in order to awaken the youngster to preserve their traditional dresses and custom.

For those who prefer arranged marriage make sure to read our delightful issue on arranged marriage to get the right life partner.  If you are looking to take time out, do flip through our Amazing Gangtok. The weather, culture and cuisine will sure warm your heart and temp you to go and fine out.

Until next month, wishing you all,  a wonderful time.

Anjali Muktieh