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The Lady behind the Tetseo Sisters

Mrs Tetseo

“What inspired you to make sure that your daughters would carry the lamp of tradition forward not forgetting the umpteen resistances that you may have faced?”

I grew up at a time when the old was rapidly getting replaced by the new and in my youth I was actively involved in organizing cultural programs. For many years, a few of us had to fight for our traditional practices and culture to be brought back with the western ways fast displacing our own culture. It was a tough fight and eventually people woke up to the need to preserve our good old ways. As for passing it on to my children, it was a gradual process. My own limited knowledge of our old ways came from my parents and elders and I felt it was my duty to teach them the ways of our forefathers. This is their identity and their history. Music has always been in our blood and it has been easy for them to pick both western and Naga music. Without sounding patronising, I believe that Nagas are very talented and can pick up any type of music fromany culture but it is not true the other way round. And I will be very happy if I have been able to inscribe in my children, a sense of pride towards our unique culture and the need to pass it on. I always tell them never to forget where they come from and this is my way of showing them what and who they are. Every Naga is proud to be a Naga and I want my children to know the wonderful ways of their ancestors and be proud of it. And in time, pass it on to their children.

Azi Tetseo is a former beauty queen, model, singer and fashion choreographer besides singing with her sisters. She completed her Masters degree in Political Science from Delhi University and is now a business entrepreneur with her husband in Nagaland’s Kohima.

Alüne Tetseo is the youngest of the Sisters. She has just completed her 10+2 and hopes to become a singing doctor. She enjoys photography, painting and walking the ramp from time to time with her sister Azi. Growing up with three older singing sisters gave her the singing bug and she loves singing but she would prefer to curl up on a comfy sofa and watch TV and munch chips the whole day instead of the endless rehearsal sessions.

Kuvelü Tetseo is pursuing her Masters in Sociology in Nagaland after graduating from DU’s Lady Shri Ram College. Having had an active stint with the LSR Western Music Society, she is working to carve out a permanent slot for her folkact “Tetseo Sisters” in the global Music scene as their frontman. She shares an interest in photography and writing with her sister Mercy and together, they maintain their blog and page on Facebook.

Mercy Tetseo has a Masters in Psychology from Delhi University’s IP college. She is currently taking a break from work to concentrate on her music. She is a fashion and photography enthusiast, avid foodie and is trying to find the writer in herself. She enjoys travelling, writing, watching movies, shopping and cooking.


Interest: Fashion, Photography, Reading & Music.
Likes    : shoes, writing, shopping & cooking.
Dislike  : cold weather & catching a cold.
Colour: Blue and Grey but I wear a lot of Black.
Singer: Celine Dion, Katie Melua, Norah Jones, Jack Johnson & James Morrison.
Band: Dashboard Confessional, The Fray, Eagles, Queen, MLTR, The Script & Muse.
Destination: Greece.
Best performance ever: It can only get better.
Attire you like most: anything comfortable & stylish; a cashmere cardigan & soft jeans.
Best way of relaxing: listening to music /reading a good book.
Worst nightmare: A wardrobe malfunction on TV! Or to lose all my shoes!
Catch line: “Oh Lord!”
Hangouts: Def Col Market & Khan Market in Delhi. In Kohima, at Simply Tasty or The Heritage.
Cuisine you like: spicy & flavorful food from all over the world.
After 40 you would be....: writing & travelling around the world for pleasure.

Alüne (Lulu)

Interest: Reading Novels, Music and Movies.
Likes: Animax, visiting new places and chocolates.
Dislike: waking up early and veggies
Colour: Purple, Red and yellow.
Singer: Rain, Michael Buble, Leona Lewis and Christina Aquilera.
Band: Mr. Big and Off.
Destination: wherever James Mc Avoy is.
Best performance ever: yet to come.
Attire you like most: Cute n girly casual dresses.
Best way of relaxing: Reading a novel in bed.
Worst nightmare: to be the last person alive on earth with nothing to eat.
Catch line: “Bah!”
Hangouts: ‘Ozone’, ‘Simply Tasty’ in Kohima; KFC when in Delhi
Cuisine you like: Naga food and Indian/ Continental snacks.
After 40 you would be ……… travelling with my kids singing Li


Interest: Fashion, Music & More fashion.
Likes: travelling, dressing up & good food.
Dislikes: being sick.
Colour: Yellow and purple!
Singer: Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley,Shania Twain, John Legend & Paulo Nutini.
Band: Soulmate, Bon jovi, The Corrs & The Beatles
Destination: Europe!!!!
Your best performance ever:I always give my best to every performance.
Attire you like most: Chic tops and dresses.
Best way of relaxing: a spa session by Kuku and Lulu
Worst nightmare: to have to live without my kajal and my favourite perfumes.
Catch line: Oh come on!!!!
Hangouts: I prefer to hangout at home with my hubby or go visit friends.
Cuisine you like: Naga and Thai.
After 40 you wanna be...... growing wiser but younger at heart.

Kuvelü (kuku)

Interest: Blogging, fashion and music.
Likes: kittens, bike rides, trekking and photoshoots.
Dislike: long bus journeys.
Colour: White
Singer: Senti Toy, Lauren Alaina & David Archuletta.
Band: Ebenezer, Avenged Sevenfold,Liquid & Divine Connection.
Destination: Dzukou Valley.
Best performance ever: representing mycollege at Delhi University’s St. Stephen’s College Music fest ‘10.
Attire you like most: Kimonos & Naga traditional attire.
Best way of relaxing: a nice long nap.
Worst nightmare: Falling off the stage during
a performance :P
Catch line: “Hello……Nagaland!” (with the right gestures)
Hangouts: Dream Café in Kohima and City Café & Kunzun Cafe in Delhi.
Cuisine you like: Naga, Naga and Naga food.
After 40 you would be …… an official ambassador of Northeast India

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