Editor Speaks

August 2012

The month of July has been a happening month for the North-East and that too for all the wrong reasons. Firstly, the shameful incident of a young girl being molested. The news created havoc and drew the attention of the media world-wide and hence defamed the pride and prestige of the Assam state. However, due to the timely action of the public, mostly all the culprits were behind bars and also the reporter who failed to do his duty to humanity. Secondly, the more stressing and distressing situation of Kokrajhar where innocents are being killed and turned to nomads in the name of communalism. However, defaming the situation of Assam is right now, the young women of the under-19 cricket team have brought it a bit of relief in the name of victory and pride by becoming the nation champions.

Now moving away from the social issues, we have something new and refreshing this month where young girls with the right touch has landed in our accessories page as models of the month and if you desire to be featured in the same page with your name and style then just send us your appropriate photographs and we shall feature you next. Also this month, we are giving you a handful of advice for your health, maintenance and diet. Make sure to use them for that perfect ‘you’. And for all the kitchen-queens we have a test tube of tests just for you to keep your kitchen and everything you cook poison-free.

The month of July has been a disheartening one for the Assam women and has shown that no girl anywhere in this world is away and safe from the cruel clutches of lust and dominance. Woman’s Panorama strongly feels for the freedom and safety of the woman clan and urges woman to take their right and fight for it if need arise. You are your own defenders.
Wishing you all a wonderful month ahead!

Priyanki Ghosh